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Treatment only for women

Designed for women, Kingwood Oaks is the leading substance abuse recovery center in the Houston, TX, area. Women experience different underlying causes for addiction, and this is why we offer all-inclusive treatment options for women battling with drug and alcohol addiction. We are fully committed to helping you achieve your recovery goals and build the happy and healthy life that you deserve!

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Our Complete List of Therapies

  • Addiction Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Art Therapy
  • Acceptance & Commitment
  • Dialectal Behavioral Therapy

Our Complete List of Treatments

  • 35 Day Inpatient Residential
  • 90 Day Inpatient Residential
  • Family Program
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Aftercare

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Why choose Kingwood Oaks drug rehab center?

Kingwood Oaks is the premier drug and alcohol treatment center in the Houston, TX area. We focus on the individual assessment and customized treatment of a range of substance abuse issues in our premier rehab center.

At Kingwood Oaks, we not only believe and provide high-quality addiction treatment for women, but we also work with you to address the underlying causes that led you to a life of substance abuse. We know that women tend to use drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men, and our specialized treatment programs will help you address the core issues in a supportive and safe environment. The caring staff will work with you in our comprehensive luxury rehab center to successfully overcome your addictions and rebuild your life through sobriety and understanding.

Your success and safety are our only focus during your time at our luxury drug rehab center. This is why you will work with leading addiction therapy professionals during your stay with us. You will find the love and support you need to the drug and alcohol treatment center to create a comfortable environment to learn, experience, and recover from your drug and alcohol addiction.

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Designed by Women for Women

Designed by women for women, Kingwood Oaks is the leading provider of substance abuse treatment for females. Begin your journey today with our professional team at our luxury rehab center!

Holistic Approach to Rehabilitation

Kingwood Oaks provides a unique holistic approach to rehabilitation with a boutique experience for women with drug and alcohol addiction. We want you to live the new life you deserve free from addiction today!

Intense and Family Programs

Addiction is a disease that impacts your entire family. This is why Kingwood Oaks offers intensive group and family programs to help you and your loved ones at each step of your recovery journey.

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